Hustadt Project

Hustadt is a small dwelling place, located like an island at the edges of Bochum in-between the woods and fields on the one hand, and offshoots of the enormous campus of the Ruhr University, as well as other housing areas on the other hand. Hustadt was built in the late 1960s and mainly consists of 13 level residential buildings on the hill, owned by the house building company VBW, and around 50 smaller family bungalows down in the valley.
Hustadt was planned for approximately 6,000 inhabitants. Initially, they were either academic professionals from the university or employees of the automobile company Opel. The place was meant to be a so called Universitätsrahmenstadt – a dwelling area to frame the campus of the Bochum University – with the purpose to offer professors, students, academic and public employees close living possibilities. The high buildings on the hill were meant for blue- and white-collar workers, while the bungalows down in the valley were built for academic employees. The idea was to combine different social levels in one dwelling space. It was a very pedagogic project under a strong social democratic ideology.
However, the place has changed. Hustadt is today the home of people from many different countries, most of them young families or students.

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