Light Therapy III

Exhibition: Museum of Arte Útil

Location: Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Year: 2013

Curators: Annie Fletcher, Nick Aikens

Photo: Peter Cox

Concept: Artist Apolonija Šušteršič has produced her first version of Light Therapy in cooperation with Moderna Museet in Stockholm back in 1999. It was one of the projects in the series of Moderna Museet Projekt curated by Maria Lind.

The second version of the Light Therapy was presented in Van Abbe Museum in the Netherlands as part of the Museum of Arte Util curated by Annie Fletcher and Nick Aikens.

The Light Therapy II was the re-contextualization of the first version and it is answering the questions of context at this moment in time and place; the questions related to the idea of happiness and economic as well as social crisis.

The new development in technology has influenced as well the production of the new version of the Light Therapy in museum context, which is used as combat seasonal depression and energy lows, tiredness or to optimise social behaviour. Filled in the white and ultramarine light this time in the new version the purpose of the Light Therapy Room in the museum of Arte Útil is to draw on the benefits of bright, blue-rich light to enhance vitality, mood and to encourage communication and interaction. It is a place for discussions, encouraging users to imagine other ways of engaging with the museum.

Instructions for the Light Therapy (printed on the wall):


  1. Light Therapy involves exposure to bright light, with your eyes open but without the need to look directly into the light.


  1. A treatment session can last twenty minutes up to two hours. This can be done daily, depending on individual needs.


  1. The morning is a good time for bright light exposure. It is helpful to avoid bright light exposure in the evening during the last two hours before bedtime.


  1. You are encouraged to read the literature offered by the Light Therapy Library or chat with people around you.


  1. End the session when you feel too high!