Master Plan for Duamdong

In collaboration with Dari Bae, local inhabitants

Location: Nuribom Community Centre, Dumadong, Gwangju

Year: 2016

Photo: Apolonija Šušteršič, etc.

Master Plan for Duamdong includes:

– Video film, 20.44 min (Meeting room 1st floor)

– Discussion table with Duamdong Table Game (Terrace, 2nd floor)

– Display with information material, flyers, posters, photographs (Terrace, 2nd floor)

– PROGRAM of PUBLIC EVENTS: lectures and discussions focusing on subjects related to urban commoning, self – organization, and gentrification.


Master Plan for Duamdong, is an art project running since Spring 2016 in the Nuribom Community Center in Duamdong. The project is set up through several workshops with local inhabitants titled “Learning from Duamdong”, public talks and urban actions.

For the Gwangju biennial the artists will present documentation of the process with a public program of performative events, lectures and discussions at the Nuribom Community Center in Duamdong.

Dumadong has been build in the 1980’s at the time of the Gwangju uprising – as a low density area of detached houses and small family villas. The neighborhood grow into a peculiar, charming place with its own character quite different from high – rise housing blocks that are extremely popular and wishful living places in Korea.

The artists are working together with the local inhabitants on several issues related to the neighborhood’s near future.