The Production of Space

500 kg of microcrystal wax, chicken wire transformed into ceiling slabs placed into a construction grid for suspended ceiling, wax window frame, recycled into wax curtain, recycled into wax floor on wooden construction. For The Production of Desire bricks made of recycled wax, instruction videos, product labels, product brochure.

The Production of Space is a project that took several years to investigate the “ephemeral” and the “memory” within the architectural space. The title refers to Henri Lefebvre’s La production de l’espace (1974), where he wrote about the space being a social product based on values and production of meaning. Further on, the project developed into The Production of Desire and resulted into the processes by which “space,” “material” and “objects,” both in the art context as well as in a wider sense of the exchange economies, gain (use) value. In a series of works, the same amount of wax was recycled and transformed successively into a ceiling, a floor and a curtain, and finally into a number of standardized units: wax bricks resembling gold bars that carry their value by weight. The bricks then acquired a new role as commodities in a promotional video placed in a hardware store and in a high fashion shop, offering contemplation on the objects and the contexts in which they function.


The Production of Space

Project space, rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten / w139

Location: Amsterdam

Photo: Apolonija Šušteršič


The Production of Desire

Scenic detour through commodity culture, tiendas | shops

Location: Maastricht

Curator: De Geuzen

Photo: Apolonija Šušteršič

Graphic design: Irena Wölle


Production of Desire, video, 6 min. 1996

User manual, video, 3 min. 1996