Bonnevoie? Juice Bar

Exhibition: Manifesta 2

Location: C. P. C. A., Bonnevoie, Luxembourg

Year: 1998

Curator: Maria Lind, Robert Fleck, Barbara Vanderlinden

Courtesy: The artist

Photo: Roman Mensing, Apolonija Šušteršič

Graphic Design: Irena Wölle

11-metre-long bar and bar chairs made of green Betonplex (concrete plywood), bright-orange-coloured walls and floo, tables and chairs; title logo, cups with logo, drink mats with logo; juicers, dishes, oranges, refrigerator, dustbins; 4 TV monitors attached to the wall showing: TV program for Bonnevoie (4 videos).

Bonnevoie? Juice Bar was built into a former fruit market warehouse for the Manifesta 2 exhibition in Luxembourg. The project took its name from the neighbourhood where the building was located, one of the most ethnically diverse areas of Luxembourg with 80% of its population being immigrants, mostly Portuguese. The Juice Bar occupied one side of the building, which opened towards the street. The location was a very important aspect of the work. The Juice Bar was open to the public, especially to the local audience, for free, allowing them to see what was happening inside the building where the art exhibition was taking place. The Juice Bar served as a zone in between the neighbourhood and the inside of the building, in between the public and the contemporary art exhibition.

People could sit down, get a glass of free juice, observe what was going on inside the building, and watch the TV program for Bonnevoie on the monitors attached to the wall. TV Bonnevoie consisted of a compilation tape with four videos reflecting on theexisting context and the relationship between the building and its neighbourhood. The TV program was shown on TV monitors, which are a typical piece of furniture in every bar in this neighbourhood.

How to make your own juice? (mini DV, Pal, 2’17’’),
Cre(Action) Directe (mini DV, Pal, 13’43’’),
Memories of the Future (mini DV, Pal, 8’),
Bonnevoie by Day & Night (mini DV, Pal, 7’37’’)

Table and chair design: Arne Vehovar for Magis