Home design service

Production: Casco, Utrecht

Location: Leidsche Rijn, Casco Mobile and Casco, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Year: 2001

Curator: Lisette Smith

Courtesy: The artist

Photo: Apolonija Šušteršič

A repurposed and adapted mobile bagel selling cart (the Cascomobile, borrowed from the project by Jeanne van Heeswijk called Casco Coffee and Communication) with an additional tent, stools and camping tables; a wooden platform covered with “grass” carpet; a library with books, catalogues, and magazines on interior design, domestic space; a housing development-information brochure about the Leidsche Rijn project; advertisements in daily newspapers; title-logo; 3 videos presented in the Casco space in Utrecht.

Home. Design. Service. was temporarily located in the newly-built neighbourhood of Leidsche Rijn, a suburb of Utrecht and long-term development area which promised the construction of 30,000 new homes over 15 to 20 years. The project was set up in the Cascomobile to address the process between finished plans and finished buildings; that is, an in between situation which is temporary and changeable.

Home. Design. Service. functioned as an info point for the residents of Leidsche Rijn. Here they could get advice on the interior design for their new home. The platform for this consultation center was the Casco-mobile, with an awning and terrace added for the occasion. The Casco-mobile was equipped with a library on interior design and other related material. Visitors were able to browse through books, periodicals, and catalogues.

During the project in Leidsche Rijn, the Casco space in the center of Utrecht showed three video interviews with some of the residents of the new neighbourhood. In the interviews the residents talk about their new home, which forms the visual backdrop for the video. The project was concluded by a workshop for the residents of Leidsche Rij